Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Town Of Waukesha Sets Tough Conditions On Water Deal

The Town of Waukesha, having been roped without notification or discussions into the City of Waukesha's pending Great Lakes water diversion plan, announced today its conditions for joining in the deal - - and the tough stance the Town is taking on reimbursement for annexations and other issues suggests the City should have sat down with the Town two years ago:

Town officials are asking the city to pay 20 years worth of property taxes as compensation for any properties annexed by the city after switching to a lake supply.

In a letter to city officials setting out its opening offer in negotiations, the town board also asks to participate in a joint review of future annexations.


Anonymous said...

The Town residents don't have a water utility. They will need to develop an entire infrastructure for sewer and water plus each lateral to the houses set way back on those one acre+ lots.

What fools. If the city were to get Lake Michigan water, why abandon your well?

Anonymous said...

To Mr Anonymous..
The Town of Waukesha has been in the sewer service area for years and years..yet there is no sewer services..no infrastructure and NO costs have been incurred by any resident.

Simply agreeing to be in the water service area will NOT mean any infrastructure is needed and will not mean that any resident in the town will EVER have to accept water services..

Until and unless a resident accepts and desires water services there would be no costs to the town or any individual home owner..

Anonymous said...

28guiveraBack at anon,

And exactly how would said resident
in the middle of the country road miles from the nearest connection point get said city water without an infrastructure? That is the reason the Town agreed to be included in the service area, right? If your well fails you can get city water.

RE: City Sewer - your 10 year court order is about to expire. Pull out your check book.

In my opinion, the Town just experienced a huge devaluation in residential real estate value.