Thursday, October 25, 2012

On Those Untracked State Loans: Stop Asking Pesky Questions!

Scott Walker's troubled development agency - - he's the board chair - - is fed up with reporters asking just how many millions haven't been monitored, or kept current, so you reporters, stop asking all these questions. 

Citing an ongoing review of its failure to track millions of dollars in loans, the state's top jobs agency isn't saying whether the total amount owed to taxpayers by scores of unnamed businesses could go higher than the $9 million figure that officials first estimated.
A spokesman for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. told the Journal Sentinel that the agency wouldn't provide information on the total owed until it finishes an internal review that will take an unspecified amount of time. "WEDC is developing a corrective action plan.


Anonymous said...

According to some recent school board notes Skyward is a done deal. Was the bidding process revised. Did Skyward get the loan?
"The board approved the Finance and Human Resources Systems Software Upgrade. Skyward Application Service will perform the upgrade which is used by the state and most school districts in the Northshore. There is a one-time conversion, training and project management cost of $25,000 plus a yearly cost of $6,597. This upgrade will replace the existing Powerschool program in two years."

Anonymous said...

So what if Walker lackeys are fed up with questions that would help make them accountable to the taxpayer. Transparency is what this is all about, and they don't like that--especially right before November 6th.
They seem to think that this is all expected to be run on their timetable, following whatever rules or laws they choose to follow, whenever they want. That's complete BS!
Let's open up the books--now--and get to the bottom of why WEDC has been such a dismal failure.

A. Wag said...

[recall] elections have consequences.

Anonymous said...

Will some please give Wag a reboot. It keeps repeating the same stupid line.

A. Wag said...

You can't change the facts by labeling them 'stupid.'

Reboot this: During the recall election of June 2011, the wheels were already set in motion for the financial disaster of WEDC. If Tom Barrett had been elected instead of Walker, it would have been far more likely that he would have uncovered the percolating mess under WEDC and made sure that standard business practices--and the law--were upheld. With Walker's re-election, we don't have to speculate as to what would have happened. We know what did happen: federal regulations weren't followed and notices were ignored; some board members were intentionally left out of discussions and kept in the dark about critical information; loans weren't tracked; some loans were written off and no one knows why or even to whom the loans were made; of the loans that were made, many were to Walker's campaign donors.

Criminal activity possibly occurred. Certainly unethical behavior did occur. And now they're investigating themselves.

You may not like it, but that doesn't make it stupid. Now you can be willfully ignorant if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 'reboot' of Wag.

It seems totally successful. And I agree with output.

The full explanation of 'elections have consequences' makes the point clear.

Apologies to Wag.

Hopefully the John Doe investigation will lead to charges against Walker and his cronies soon.

I hope it's a federal RICO indictment.

Wisconsin deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Where I work, when an employee is on a "corrective action plan" they are on the last step before getting canned. It's time to throw the bums out!