Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trappers, Shooters +20 In Wolf Hunt

Twenty dead wolves in just the first few days of the new Wisconsin wolf hunt means a lot of blood has been shed through technology the state has loosed on these animals. The state gets a few bucks from each licensed hunter. Do you feel enriched?



They call it a harvest. What exactly are they harvesting? WOLF MEAT? This is hate unleashed against these beautiful creatures for no reason at all unless you call a few stray pets killed by wolves. My GOD - there are more dogs killed by cars.

Jim Bouman said...

It's not for nuthin' that some of these bold hunters actually call themselves "gun nuts".

Anonymous said...

Wolves are being managed to keep their numbers at an acceptable level and the harvest is highly regulated. Elk, on the other hand are being killed by indians just as a show of power even though the elk herd is struggling to survive.

Dave said...

Ideological hacks that need to feel like real men should use viagra, not kill wolves. Its a sickness that permeates certain people. Whether from a traumatic experience in youth, or simply being short and fat, there is a psychological pathology that motivates these hacks.

I've lost even the little bit of respect for George Meyer, as well, given his support for this killing spree. What happened to science? What happened to civilization? This is sick, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? Apparently Wisconsin's heavily armed gun nuts. A senseless blood lust has replaced hunger and self sufficiency as the primary motive for this hunt.
Terry Amerson

Reagan's Disciple said...

Just curious... Are you guys opposed to shooting coyotes as well, or is the wolf just that much more cute?

You can pretty much shoot coyotes 24/7.

Boxer said...

Rayguns, What do you care? You're a shoot-it-if-it-moves guy, cute or not. Baiting isn't fair to animals . . . or people.

Reagan's Disciple said...


Who is baiting?

Coyotes are nuisances to all other wildlife. They kill deer, rabbits, family pets and more. Just wanted to know if you feel they should be protected as well.

So the question posed was, "Is it okay to hunt/kill coyotes?"

What is your answer?