Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maybe The Wolf Hunt-Obsessed WI Legislature Pushed Too Far?

[originally posted 4:23 p.m., Monday, October 15.] Was it the OK for leg traps? The long season, night hunting, threats to breeding pairs and alpha males, or the use of dogs (disallowed, for now, by a judge) that Wisconsin legislators demanded in its unscientific rush to kill wolves that now lands the wolves' status back in Federal jurisdiction?

Minneapolis - Two national groups have filed notice with the federal government that they intend to sue to restore wolves in the western Great Lakes region to the endangered list. 


Anonymous said...

James - can we can a day to day update of this gruesome kill of these sacred creatures of God. I would love to get a picture of any hunter showing off his wolf kill!

Anonymous said...

Leg (foot) hold traps are actually the main tool used by researchers to catch, tag and collar wolves for study. Wolves, or any other animal can never be “sacred” creatures. This is really, off the wall, silly Madison liberal stuff. The wolf population is well over what it was intended to be and they have become a major nuisance and the population needs to be controlled and managed. The pelt can be a valuable marketable item and the general public should be allowed access to this resource which they produced through their tax dollars.

In retaliation to the wolf hunt, the Indians are now shooting deer at night with high powered rifles from cars using spotlights while intoxicated and this could be a major public safety issue which no one seems to care about.

Anony Too said...

I think the term "sacred" can mean different things to different people, so for you to declare that wolves or any other animal can never be sacred, that is your opinion.

Your comment about about Madison liberals is also your opinion.

Something else you present as fact, Native Americans shooting deer at night with high powered rifles, is suspicious. How do you know this? Do you think that the reason "no one seems to care about" the issue is that no one but you knows about it? If it happened, how often? Where? How many Native Americans and how many deer? Intoxicated Indians seems to show your racial prejudices.