Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Market In Walker Loan Managment; Free Money!

Hey, the market takes care of everything, doesn't it?


CJ said...

So let me ask this- What the hell did the board of directors discuss if they did not review reports?

Don't you think in a year and a half's time, someone would have noticed that there were no status updates at this newly formed agency?

Honestly, I think the lack of accounting was done intentionally. Perhaps in order to funnel money to Walker & well as RNC supporters. This reeks beyond comprehension. And it's not like we'd expect our DOJ to do any investigation., would we?

Gareth said...

I'd really like to see what the job description for the CFO position at WEDC reads like.

"Must be able to sign checks" ?

PJT said...

What in God's name is going on there? Walker is the CEO of this so called hybrid agency. It sounds like the batteries have gone dead and the gas tank is on empty. Looks like Walker is searching for a recharge station and can't find anyone credible or willing to plug it in or fill it up.

Anonymous said...

Walker seems to be all about moving money around:

Anonymous said...

Did you guys/gals see Badger democracy today?