Monday, October 22, 2012

Waukesha Town Chair Discusses Water, Annexation Issues

Town of Waukesha Board Chair Angie E. Van Scyoc included these remarks in an e-mail update to Town residents today:

The City of Waukesha Common Council voted to annex approximately 96 acres of land which is north of 59 and east of the Walgreens on Sunset creating another Town island. 
The Department of Administration, who reviews all annexations, wrote a strong letter finding the annexation '...against the public interest."
Here is a copy for your review:
The town residents who remain all reside on Big Bend Road and will continue to be served by the Town of Waukesha. They have expressed no interest in joining the city and will not be forced to do so.
I attended the City of Waukesha Common Council meeting last week to hear the discussion. I was encouraged that at least two Common Council members spoke and voted against the annexation.
They clearly acknowledged realities for the City that others on the Common Council may not fully accept.
One, that growth through annexation does not always relate to a net tax increase given the cost of providing services to new developments.
Two, that the City should not expand until a water solution is in place.
Continuing to expand with the water issues the City is grappling with seems short-sighted and reckless, especially given that they plan to locate shallow aquifer wells in and around the Town of Waukesha if they are unsuccessful obtaining a Lake Michigan water source.
Good news is the City does not always accept annexations, as was demonstrated not long ago with their denial of the 'Walgreens' property area on Sunset and Genesee.
We will continue discussions with the City regarding the Water Service Area to see if we can come to terms to protect Town of Waukesha territory and water supply on a cooperative basis.
The DNR has taken the position that we will be out of the Water Service Area and related Sewer Service Area, unless the Waukesha Town Board asks that we be included within 3o days of the City of Waukesha executing a Memorandum of Understanding with a Lake Michigan water supplier. All indications are that the supplier will be Oak Creek.
This is an improvement as the City of Waukesha simply included us.
Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Angie, you sold out your Town by needlessly agreeing to a inclusion in the service area without going to referendum.
A Lake Michigan Diversion is not in the interest of the other 7 states with the application inclusion of an expanded service area - which you agreed to.
Every property owner in the Town faces a significant property devaluation with the fear of the Town being forced at some point in the future to develop an entire utility and infrastructure to deliver water and sewer.
You don't represent Angie. You're an elected official representing your community.
All isn't lost, Angie. Technically, your 30 days hasn't started because Oak Creek hasn't inked the LOI.