Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Four Lightly-Armed Wolves Shot Dead In WI

Rifles carry day one of the hunt against paws, wiles.

Maybe someone got to break out one of those awesome $600 electronic call devices!


Anonymous said...

The state of Wisconsin proudly leads the nation in it’s wolf management program. A highly regulated and controlled harvest by citizens who have contributed to the wolf restoration project through their tax dollars will ensure that population goals will remain sustainable at a level compatible with current land use and public acceptance. The DNR should be highly commended for the management program.

your human verification test really, really sucks big time; I would strongly suggest that you find a different server.

ALPHA said...

I am saddened ....I can hear the pack howling as they morn the loss of their brothers and sisters. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

Please, Please, Please, demand that the DNR establish a wolf pack in Madison. A critical component necessary to harmonious ecological health here is sorely missing.

Jonathan Swift said...

Wolf numbers may be advancing faster than expected and a well planned hunt is in order. A season that allows for hunting at night with high powered rifles, the use of leg hold traps, that is overly long and extending into the breeding season, and the unregulated use of dogs is not a well planned hunt. The last portion of it does however have the endorsement of Michael Vick.