Saturday, October 13, 2012

Waukesha Water Supply Costs Overfloweth

A few days ago, I posted an item about how the costs of big projects can escalate.

Three years to the day yesterday - - on Oct. 12, 2009 - - Waukesha's water utility was quoted saying that construction for a Milwaukee hookup to bring in a new water supply would be $78 million.

Waukesha estimates cost of Lake Michigan water plan at $78 million

More recently, that number had ballooned to $175 million, with the new Oak Creek connection hitting $183 million.



Frugalness by conservatives overpowered by the egos of Walkershau.

Anonymous said...


Less than a year ago the rate request submitted to the PSC stated $164 million for a supply from Milwaukee.

How can all these estimates be so far off from the originals?

How can any estimate be even close without one easement agreed to. Same can be stated for not one engineering study has been performed on right of way easements by the power company.

Waukesha Water Utility is also assuming that a creek return is acceptable in the first approval of a diversion exception.