Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tommy Gives Himself 'The Business'

Sounds like some self-loathing goin' on at the debate about "the business," according to this Journal Sentinel posting

Baldwin criticized Thompson for investing in companies that do business with Iran. Thompson said he heard about it today. He said his stockbroker had bought the stock and when he heard about it, he sold the stock.
“I don’t agree with anyone doing the business with Iran,” Thompson said


Anonymous said...

As people begin to get serious about the election, the momentum has turned in the favor of Thompson and Romney. It also looks like at least three state senate seats will flip. Madison liberals heads must be spinning around in circles: Obama will be sent packing, Tammy will go back to dancing and singing with Wonder Woman, they will start digging iron ore in the north, and the wolf hunt will be a success. Also, the arctic ice pack has now experienced the most ice formed in the last 30 day period than has ever been recorded. That big letter “L” on your forehead is looking larger every day.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

As of today, Nate Silver has Obama's chance of winning at 70%, and Baldwin at 85%.

Of course, neither of those races have ANYTHING to do with Wisconsin extraction industries or hunting laws.

Dunno what world you're talking about, Nonny.