Saturday, October 13, 2012

For The GOP, "G" Is For "Ghoulish"

Or at least, "gloomy."

It's fitting that the Presidential election comes just days after Halloween, as Republicans absolutely heart doom-and-gloom and are willing even to make hay of the attack on the US consulate in Libya that left four Americans dead, including our Ambassador.

Notes a Washington Post election story today:

After trying for weeks to portray the deaths in Benghazi as part of a larger failure of Obama’s foreign policy, Republicans now sense their first real opening on national security, an area that has long been considered one of the president’s strengths. 

Oh, goody! An opening - - for votes. Mourning again in America makes for stump speech talking points.

Republicans want and need as much bad news as they can find this anti-Obama election season.

When official unemployment numbers continue to show consistent improvement despite the GOP's having killed a jobs bill this year, Republicans said the numbers were a lie created by administration conspirators.

If these bad news bears don't get the bad numbers their negative campaign needs - - regardless that higher numbers mean more worker and family suffering - -  just make up a preposterous story that alleges there are some really bad people silently and malevolently working on our dime behind the scenes in government offices.

Somewhere Joe McCarthy is smiling: Washington, DC must be a really evil place.

That's the GOP meme these days. Everything under President Obama has already gone to Hell in that hand-basket.

Paul Ryan even said in Thursday's debate that Medicare and Social Security "absolutely" were going broke - - which they are not - - but when you're running a Friday The 13th campaign, the more fear you can generate, the more people you can fright your way.

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