Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fox, Talk Radio Have Scared Their Key Demographic

White guys like Romney, even though his wealth is built on stripping value and jobs from American business, investing in China and stashing earnings from the Cayman Islands to a Swiss Bank.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Anything positive to say about Obama and his future plans for our country, or will it be another two weeks of just trying to throw mud and hoping some of it sticks?

How about a post on the administration lying about the Libyan attacks now that it has been proven?

Sonoma Badger said...

We see or hear no plans from Romney having specifics or, indeed consistency. President Obama has offered specifics about job creation, tax policies, health nsurance reform and improvements to education, among others.
As to your second point, it seems you are not above throwing a little mud. The slightest bit of reading or research on your part would reveal to you that your RNC talking point is inaccurate, facile, opportunistic and stupid. Sorta like your candidate, actually.

Reagan's Disciple said...

@ Sonoma,

Really? Please do share. Then call his campaign headquarters to let them know.

Also, how is that budget coming along? 4 years without one and the last one he tried to submit did not get a single vote.

Perhaps a need for a little self reflection when it comes to who needs to be doing the "slightest bit of reading or research."2

Anonymous said...

re: Reagan's Disciple

Did I read on this site or some other site that RD is a student/staff member in a Wisconsin Public school?

If so I would wonder about their curriculum? Not to mention the district's "Acceptable Use Policy" regarding use of district internet services.

Reagan's Disciple said...

@anon 9:47,

Sorry to disappoint, but I am not a public employee, so there is no "Gotcha!" here.

You've surely heard the one about making "assumptions," correct?

Reagan's Disciple said...

Oh, and you must have heard the false information here.

I'm not surprised, as many of you contributors are full of false information. Besides, I wouldn't cheat on James and post anywhere else and I don't think that I am that annoying that others are talking about me elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Reagan's Disciple reminds me so much of Glenn Grothman.

Reagan's Disciple said...


I think I am better looking, but thanks.

Boxer said...

Why Rayguns! You really ARE that annoying! Please go elsewhere.

Boxer said...

Congratulations on being better looking than Grothman, Rayguns. Although it shouldn't take much to become better-looking than the in-bred, basement-dwelling, HS nerd who is Glenn Grothman, I'm sure you worked hard at it.