Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cash-Strapped Tommy Enjoying Long Free Appearance On WTMJ Talk Radio

GOP Senate candidate Tommy Thompson, running behind Democrat Tammy Baldwin, is live in the studio on righty talker Charlie Sykes' show for what appears to be the 11-11:30 a.m. time block, perhaps more.

He said he was running behind Baldwin because he was out of money to get on the air, while the better-financed Baldwin was running her anti-Tommy adds - - a theme reprised earlier this week when Sykes' companion righty taker Jeff Wagner attacked Baldwin's spending, too.

So the radio station allows its talkers to pick up the slack with free time that would cost Tommy a fortune if he had to purchase it.

Update: Tommy is done at 11:30. Ends by saying he's cautiously optimistic though being misrepresented by "outright" lies and out-spent 3:1 (translation: send money, please!).

Sykes tells him he can come back anytime.


Anony Too said...

WTMJ Suckfest @AM 620.

Anonymous said...

did tommy and sykes compare their "liz woodhouse" moments?