Friday, July 27, 2012

Yet Another Enbridge Pipeline Break In Wisconsin

Remember when the Journal Sentinel urged regulators to allow the pipeline firm Enbridge to expand operations in Wisconsin - - but didn't highlight the company's already-tacky record in the state?

Well - - it's happened again.

Hard to keep track of these.

And I love the line in the news story describing a spill of 67,200 gallons as "minor."

You know - - like "minor" surgery. "Minor" when it happens to someone else!

Enbridge pipeline in Wisconsin ruptures

About 1,200 barrels of crude spilled into field

Updated: Friday, 27 Jul 2012, 9:45 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 27 Jul 2012, 9:30 PM EDT
GRAND MARSH, Wisc. (WOOD) - An Enbridge pipeline in Wisconsin pipeline, causing another minor spill.

Enbridge said that a drop in pressure in Line 14 near Grand Marsh, Wis. was detected around 2:45 p.m. CMT Friday.

The line was immediately shut down and isolated. Emergency crews were then sent to the site.

About 1,200 barrels were released into a field off County Road G, initial estimates indicate. That works out to about 67,200 gallons.


nonquixote said...

After describing that volume of a spill (or any spill) as minor, especially in a place with a name like, Grand Marsh, as opposed to, Insignificant Marsh, I suppose we will soon be told not to worry because we can be assured that particular volume of hydrocarbons will not be burned and subsequently will not be polluting the atmosphere. Also, as it happened in a grand marsh, there is likely enough ground water to dilute the harmful effects of what eventually will be coming from someone's kitchen faucet. Nothing to see here, move on people. /s

KOCH said...

@ non: your last statement does not seem to support your comment. Nothing to see here? It is an isolated field and was complety contained yet one has to wonder if a Jackson WI type leak would be worth seeing.

That particular pipe transports 300k + barrels a day of oil. Imagine if the technology to detect the leak broke down. Would there be a sight to see NON?

nonquixote said...

Sorry KOCH

The "/s" at the end is a tag indicating snark or sarcasm as my teenager pointed out to me some time back.

Sorry for the confusion.