Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bill Moyers Lambasts NRA

Hat's off to a fearless commentator with the guts to take on the NRA after the Aurora massacre:

Bill Moyers: NRA has turned the 2nd Amendment ‘into a cruel and deadly hoax’

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Raven Mode' said...

If you take away guns, do you take away the killer? People murder with knives, shall we ban knives? They murder with chainsaws, etc., If you take away the knife, the killer remains. If you take away the chainsaw, the killer remains. Some killers murder with their bare hands, shall we take away their hands. If you take away any tool, the killer remains. Gun Control will slow down crime for a hot minute and within one or two years, crime will surge beyond what you can imagine. Not only will the underground network start its role in power, mafia, gang and other organizations will jump in on the millions to be had. The killer will remain. The good guys will remain defenseless