Monday, July 23, 2012

Walker's Record: Few Jobs Created, But "Yes" To A Job-Creating Deficit

Gov. Walker came into office so hell-bent on tackling the state's deficit that he wrapped a budget-repair [Sic] bill around more consequential cuts to collective bargaining.

All in the name of setting the state on course to eliminate red ink and turn loose the job-creators, or so he said.

But within a few days earlier month, we've seen two developments that give the lie to all the deficit-reduction/job-creation rhetoric.

1. We learn that Walker's new, private sector-focused Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., (the so-called state-created corporation that replace the former Department of Commerce) has run up a $14 million deficit. After running through a huge gob of a two-year, $200 million public budget that was supposed to bring development and jobs to a state open for business.

Remember the hoopla over the Walker's new WEDC - - hoopla created by the WEDC itself?

[WEDC CEO Paul] Jadin added that budget’s bold action to address its structural deficit and embark on a pro-growth future has gotten the attention of employers.

“Surveys of Wisconsin employers and CEOs nationwide prove that job creators are taking notice of Governor Walker’s call that Wisconsin is open for business,” Jadin said. “Thanks to the Governor and the legislators who supported the budget, the WEDC stands prepared to assist businesses looking to create high quality jobs for Wisconsin workers.”
2. And speaking of job creation, how's that going, Governor Scott ("250,000-new-private sector jobs") Walker?

Not well.

Here's how CBS News calculates it:
Based on the monthly estimates for 2012 and more accurate data from 2011, Wisconsin has added 45,315 jobs since Walker took office. With that pace, 120,804 jobs will be created by 2015, less than half what Walker promised.
And this isn't the first time numbers have been produced showing Walker's promise likely landing somewhere in the 50% range

Walker keeps saying we're headed in the right direction. It was his re-election mantra.

Right, politically?


Right, economically?

The data says, "no."

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It doesn't matter- the ignorant, easily swayed, the divided and intelligent who elected him believed him. They believed the political sociopath who can tell a lie without swallowing. He will go down as the worst governor in Wisonsin's history.