Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fresh Heat Warning For Early Next Week

Climate change? Nope. Changed climate.


Anonymous said...


Our changed climate will manifest itself in ways we will not be able to predict. When you rape mother nature all over the world she has but no recourse but to fight back on many fronts.

She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes...
Oh wait she isn't.

Anonymous said...

Among the least important things for me to complain about is that I recently invested in all cold-loving, hardy plants. What is doing wonderfully? The holly and the azalea bush that wasn't supposed to make it here through the winter. In a lot of ways it seems we have gone to a climate like Maryland's almost overnight. I did not expect this in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

It takes no courage to identify an issue but then not have the strength to do anything about it. It is weakness that is killing the planet. The weakness of not recognizing the solution or not having the strength to do what we know needs to be done to save life on earth as we know it. The first commandment of the Georgia guide stones tell us to: MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE, the second commandment tells us to: GUIDE REPRODUCTION WISELY - IMPROVING FITNESS AND DIVERSITY; yet we tolerate and even encourage genetic weakness and our protection of this weakness has resulted in a population which is now approaching 7 billion and is now the single greatest threat to the future of the earth.

We must be ruthlessly honest and have the strength necessary to acknowledge the truth and then act decisively and courageously to implement those actions which we now know are necessary for the survival of the planet. It is not enough to give lip service to global warming, and there is no honor in identifying a problem without being willing to solve it; and yes, it can be solved; it only takes strength, Strength to identify and eliminate the weakness which now threatens the planet. The strength to improve the fitness of those humans who will be selected to survive among the 500 million.

If you have any real concern for the cause, and are not just talking for something to do, you will promote the truth and the truth of what we all know needs to be done. Commandment 10 is: BE NOT A CANCER ON THE EARTH - LEAVE ROOM FOR NATURE - LEAVE ROOM FOR NATURE