Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tim Cullen's Self-Centered Folly

The Janesville Senate Democrat (D -?) says his failure to land a big enough committee chairmanship from Senate Democrats is the reason he will bolt the caucus, become an independent and thus undo a year of grassroots struggle and fund-raising to take back the Senate.

Here's a part of his explanation, and in it there is a lot of "I":

"It's an insult to my district," Cullen of Janesville said. "I'm going to leave the Senate Democratic caucus. I will be bound by nothing they decide."
He may gain power as a swing vote courted by both parties, but will lose more in respect from Democrats and others who will see this for the ego trip it is.

Where's the loyalty to policies and ideas?

Remember that Cullen had thought about running for Governor in the recall election, but didn't have the money or support to boost a candidacy.

And he toured with Republican State Sen. Dale Schultz in the name of bi-partisanship.

This move by Cullen is less a clarion call for bi-partisanship, or leadership, than a loud, "look-at-me" Bronx cheer.


Reagan's Disciple said...

If it would have been a Republican leaving the Republican caucus, he would have been cheered by the left as being an independent thinker.

Doesn't really matter as control is going back to Republicans in November anyway.

Anonymous said...

This is why so many are disillusioned with the Democratic party. Everyday I receive dozens of email request to donate money.

In the past I answered those calls.

Now I filter them as Spam.

Until the Dems demonstrate It's about US their constituents and NOT THEM I will sit on the sidelines.

I see no reason to empty my bank account and get nothing in return.