Friday, July 27, 2012

Cullen Tiff Over Committee Chairmanships Worked Out

Glad to see that State Sen. Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) and Majority Leader Mark Miller, (D-Madison), found a way to get Cullen leadership recognition and a path back to the caucus.

Cullen looked peevish for a few days and got significant assignments, including the chairmanship of a new mining committee.  Keep your eyes on that.

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Brad said...

The entire incident reminded me of the days I filmed with Tim during the standoff between Walker and the Dems. I was in Illinois with him and he wasn’t with the caucus. He was focused on a deal and pretty much ignored all of the drama around him. You see a little bit of this in our film, AS GOES JANESVILLE, which will be released starting at the end of August. I think you can trace tension between Mark and Tim at least back to the collective bargaining standoff because Tim was convinced that they stayed in Illinois too long and that there could have been a deal. Some call him a pragmatist. Some call him a sell-out. I think, frankly, it makes our movie all that more interesting. You can see the trailer at and join our facebook page for updates: