Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WUWM-FM Adds Depth To Waukesha/Milwaukee Water Standoff

Reporter Susan Bence and Atty. Peter McAvoy talk in detail about the Great Lakes Compact - - the eight-state/two-nation water conservation agreement that governs whether the City of Waukesha (and perhaps parts of four small communities Waukesha says it will add to its water service territory) will be allowed to divert Lake Michigan water.

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WATER WARS said...

Interesting that he proposes other alternatives that probably wound like very insecure and restrictive measures. One has to wonder if the entire process could have been smoother under a governor that did not push a divide and conquer leadership style. There is no sympathy coming from Milwaukee. Their incredibly strong support of Walker in everything he's done has caused severe wounds that will require give back in many forms. You want water Waukesha Republicons, give this region a viable mass trasportation system. Throw in high speed rail to Madison while you're at it.

To exclude towns who hove not agreed to be part of this proposal yet are somewhat magically assumed to be assimilated by the DNR is to me leading to a majority rejection by the Great Lakes compact.