Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How Dems Can Use New WI Senate Majority Right Now

How about a hearing on the state of the state's preparedness on climate/clean air/heat emergency planning and programs?

The do-nothing/say-nothing approach of the Governor and his DNR is unacceptable.


RD said...

They are on recess... Assembly too. No hearings, no nothing.

Just remember to turn over the keys again after November, when it will really matter again.

Dave said...

A hearing? That won't accomplish much.

Of course, it might lead to more hearings, studies, and maybe if all goes well a new agency and more state workers.

Ah ... now I see why you want a hearing!

James Rowen said...

Dave - - Don't try and read my mind or infer things. I am interested in getting out information for better policy.

A hearing is one way to get that done.