Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 90th Birthday, George McGovern

Proud to be able to post 90th birthday wishes today to George McGovern, Public Citizen:
File:George McGovern bioguide.jpg
Former US Democratic Party Member of the House of Representatives, Senator and presidential candidate, Food For Peace Director, decorated World War II B-24 pilot, co-founder of The McGovern-Dole Food Aid for Education program, professor, author and fine father-in-law.


Laurie Longtine said...

Happy Birthday, dear sir!

On the one occasion I met you, I was proud to tell you that I voted for you in the first presidential election in which I was eligible, and again in several presidential elections thereafter, whether you were running or not.

You never broke my heart.

Best wishes for many more happy birthdays and thank you for your lifetime of excellent public service.

Omain09 said...

What a joy it was to vote for you, Senator McGovern. Your steadfast support for peace and justice during some of America's darkest hours of Viet Nam was inspirational. Blessings on your 90th. Betty Harris Custer

Omain09 said...

So proud to have voted for you, Senator McGovern. Your steadfast work for peace and justice was inspirational. Happy 90th. Betty Harris Custer

Anonymous said...

When I was sixteen years old, Senator McGovern's Presidential campaign inspired me to volunteer (and contribute a couple of dollars earned at my first job). He continues to inspire my political involvement now.

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

Senator McGovern seems like a genuine nice man. Your family should feel God blessed to have had him so long. Many more years!

Happy Birthday!