Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Lot To Digest In WI Deer Czar's Report

Links to the summary and full report, here.

No comment yet from the DNR: One analysis from the AP, here.

MADISON — Wisconsin wildlife officials should scrap local deer population goals, let landowners hold mini-hunts on their property and establish better connections with the public, Gov. Scott Walker's deer trustee wrote in a report released Tuesday.

Texas researcher James Kroll's 136-page study focuses largely on the Department of Natural Resources' shortcomings but takes hunters to task too, saying they expect the agency to maintain a herd so large the landscape can't support it. His plan offers the two sides a chance to compromise and save Wisconsin's hunting traditions from disappearing, he said.

"This is a reset button," Kroll said of his recommendations. "If we're going to continue to have the hunting heritage in Wisconsin, we're going to have to do this."

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Boxer said...

Don't you mean there's a lot to swallow in the Deer Czar's report?

Without wasting any precious time reading his 136-page report, I'm going to predict it's full of a bunch of privatization bullshit, written by the same guy who said that public hunting was "the last bastion of socialism." Does it surprise anyone that his "report" does anything but bolster that notion?

Even a deer tick should recognize that the Wisconsin hunting heritage is in no kind of danger requiring a 'reset' button. In need of a few tweaks, maybe, but not the pressing of the panic button. Another false choice set up by the man who wants to provide a privatized solution. Game farm ownership anyone? Confining the state deer hunt to private lands only is one sure way to kill any traditions that Wisconsin wants to protect.

Come to think of it, Kroll is quite like a deer tick: parasitic, annoying and dangerous. Time to get out the alcohol jar and get rid of this tick!