Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walker, His DNR And Climate Change: Five Questions...

Is there one ranking person in the Walker administration, is there one administrator in his DNR who, at the end of the day goes home, and in the privacy of a surveillance-free sealed room will think and write and lead on the devastating spring and summer decimating Wisconsin agriculture from a perspective free of the Americans for Prosperity, and ask:
*  What if the 99% of experts are right, and climate change is real, predictable and underway?

*  What if this year portends the new normal?

*  What are my colleagues and I doing to educate the public?

* Are we place-holders or are we planners?

* Will I speak out?


you must have strength and courage now said...

SPEAK OUT, NOW!!! Now, while the weather is a hot topic because of the drought. People must speak out and speak out and speak out until it is a crime to not believe that people are a cancer upon the earth and are destroying the future of the planet by technology and population growth.
WE MUST STOP NOW!! We must pass laws to stop technology, stop the production and use of energy and stop driving vehicles. We must silence the deniers and punish them until there is no one spreading the lies which threaten our very survival.
THERE IS NO MORE IMPORTANT ISSUE!! How can there be any thing more important that the future survival of the planet? Even the survival of the individual must take second priority to this, and we must sacrifice whatever is needed to save the planet. Yes, it will be difficult and it will take courage and strength that only a few will have, but it must be done.

Anonymous said...

95 degrees in Middleton today! Proof that global warming is real and caused by us! Except perhaps for the fact that the record temperature is 104, set in 1901.

have the courage to know the truth said...

Rather than rush to print words to build up your blog record, it may be useful to spend a bit of time practicing a bit of mental discipline and critical thinking. A true journalist, John Stossel, has taken this suggestion seriously years ago concerning the global warming scare. His conclusions can be found here and not much, if anything has changed.

His exposure of the truth eventually led to a rift between him and the ABC news viewership who demanded the more entertaining climate crisis scenario. There just isn’t much news in telling people that there isn’t any news. And so, the saga must continue.

Anonymous said...

@you must have the courage:
this old rock (earth) is going to shake us like a bunch of fleas when the time comes. Question is, do you want it to happen sooner or later?

Nice sarcasm. Who do you think you are, Jonathan Swift?

James Rowen said...

I am always amused by people who lecture or snipe behind anonymity. That one was especially funny, given it came from "have the courage to know the truth," but not the courage of one's convictions.