Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If Madison's Climate Becomes Wichita's, Head North. Farrrr North

I'd posted an Internet tool from a state website showing climate change models predicting Madison's climate approximating that of Wichita, Kansas.

The collaborative site also has a new interactive climate predictive tool that can show you what kind of climate your Wisconsin city could have by 2046...

Wichita, Kansas, Hello! We're talking 683 miles to the southwest. 
Here's the forecast for Wichita from the Internet at 11:20 p.m. Monday:

Weather for Wichita, KS

93°F | °C
ThunderstormsThunderstormsMostly SunnyMostly Sunny
Partly Cloudy

Wind: E at 14 mph

Humidity: 29%110°75°108°79°111°81°106°75°
Detailed forecast:The Weather Channel-Weather Underground-AccuWeather


Anonymous said...

First of all, global warming is a hoax, second of all, none of you liberals who believe in it actually do one damn thing you want others to do; third of all, even if it were true, we would all be better off with a warmer climate and more CO2 in it. Just think how much better it would be with a year-long growing season with better growth on plants due to more favorable CO2 levels. We build greenhouses for a reason.

cold kills said...

As our technology evolves, the climate becomes increasingly irrelevant. We can engineer and build climate controlled cities much like we envisioned doing on other planets. We are not going to go back to the stone age and will prosper and thrive as we always have.
When it gets too hot outside, you just go inside and turn on the air-conditioning; what’s so tough about that? Hell, I bet you are doing that already!

legal stranger said...

1. If Al Gore invented the internet, is Al Gore is responsible for internet porn?
2. With a warmer climates on the horizon, are educators willing to abandon our traditions of offering apples to our teachers?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Wichita the seat of government for Wisconsin at present?

RD said...

@anon 8:04.

Not unless the democrats flee the state again.

Does Wichita have a Tilted Kilt? If so, it may be a destination spot for them next time.