Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walker Budget Cuts Cause Hike In GOP Enclave Taxes

Upscale, deeply red-River Hills turned out in droves for Scott Walker, so no complaining, please, about the increase in local school taxes there.

As a result of an estimated 14.4 percent reduction in state aid, the Glendale-River Hills School Board will likely increase its levy by 2.1 percent in the upcoming 2012-2013 school year.
Too bad the good progressives in the middle-class and working-class sections of the district got dragged along for the ride.

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The droves that turned out for Walker are split into several districts. A great majority of the droves send their children to private schools. The socioeconomics of this district are quite wide. This is a district with a very supportive community. They have supported their teachers and staff with dignity for the most part. For as long as I know, there has never been a year that some cuts have not been made. This district does not hesitate to pass reasonable school referendums. It is truly a gem among all the suburbs in terms of community support for their schools. This district sharply contrasts with that of New Berlin where vilifying everything education is the norm.