Monday, July 23, 2012

Results Are Unlikely When A Letter Lectures

I've worked as the chief staffer, separately, to the elected Mayors of Madison and Milwaukee, and I cannot imagine Madison Mayor Paul Soglin or Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist responding favorably to the letter about water sale policy and government procedures sent to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by Dan Duchniak, the non-elected general manager of Waukesha's Water Utility.

Remember that the vote on the Milwaukee Common Council to enunciate a city water sales policy was 14-0, with one absent.

Here's a link to the pdf of the letter.


Jim Bouman said...

First ignoring, then disparaging, finally laughing at the clearly stated criteria from the Milwaukee Common Council for holding talks on sale of water to Waukesha. That continues to be the Waukesha Water Utility in a nutshell.
Brings to mind the sage and prophetic words of Gandhi. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
That wisdom, followed by action brought down the British Raj. It may very well brings down Dan Warren's empire of smug arrogance.

Anonymous said...

If Waukesha works out a deal with Racine or Oak Creek and it is more expensive than their local options, the Lake Michigan diversion will no longer be viewed as the "most reasonable alternative."

Since Day 1, Waukesha has called for a Lake diversion because it is not only sustainable, but also the least expensive option (if Milwaukee is provider).

That will no longer be the case if Waukesha tries to get water from OC or Racine, both of which cost more than several local alternatives (at least until they doctor the numbers in their favor again) The diversion will appear to be simply about land growth and not have a cost consideration.

Just another reason for the States to send it back.

Anonymous said...

The letter to Mayor Barrett says to Oak Creek and Racine that they are being manipulated. If Oak Creek or Racine were viable candidates Waukesha would have ended these political games a long time ago. This is a begging letter to Milwaukee because the Waukesha Water Utility can't save face on this issue after spending $1.7 million dollars as of 2011.
$1.7 million would have gone a long way toward radium filters on the deep wells.