Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Voting Fraud Disinformation Mission Accomplished, Wanggaard Concedes

Defeated Racine State Sen. Van Wanggaard, (R), finally conceded this morning to June 5th winner Democrat John Lehman, but Wanggaard and the GOP have done their damage promoting loudly a phony narrative about voting fraud.

Legislative leader Robin Vos is among those spreading false information.

Why concede now?

The district has been redrawn and in 2014 will skew deeply Republican, so look for Van Wanggaard to run again; the longer he looked like a pure spoiler, the less attractive his comeback candidacy.


Reagan's Disciple said...

So, we have Insurance fraud, check fraud, welfare fraud, food stamp fraud, prescription fraud, contractor fraud, medi-care fraud, credit card fraud, internet auction fraud and identity theft is a huge and increasing problem.

But, liberals want everyone to believe that voter fraud is not something to be concerned with.

Wow! Time to pull your head out of the sand guys!

James Rowen said...

I agree there is election fraud, and it is a national GOP strategy:

Sue said...

So, Wanggaard didn't have time to review the 'mountains of evidence' pointing to fraud.
He does now. There is apparently lots of money out there to pay lawyers to harass poll workers and make accusations without backing them up. Get to work,Van. Get some Republican dollars and find the proveable fraud. This is too important to leave hanging until you can use it in the next election.
Or better yet, perhaps the J-S can make this their next I-want-a-Pulitzer project. If they find something that goes against their masters' worldview it will make them look like they're unbiased.
Again, this is so important, why leave it hanging unless Wisconsin Republicans want to use the same tactics next November and beyond?


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