Sunday, July 22, 2012

Will Walker Walk Back His Failed Jobs Pledge?

Data released for June showed Wisconsin losing another 11,700 private sector jobs, along with more than a thousand public sector jobs, too.

So how far behind is Walker on that infamous 250,000-new-private-sector-jobs-pledge that he threw out repeatedly during the 2010 campaign - - his website's posting, here - -  and repeated in his recall bid?

Here's how CBS News calculates it:

Based on the monthly estimates for 2012 and more accurate data from 2011, Wisconsin has added 45,315 jobs since Walker took office. With that pace, 120,804 jobs will be created by 2015, less than half what Walker promised.
And this is not the first time number-crunchers found Walker would fall short of his promise.

Here's what his Revenue Department said last October:
The Department of Revenue report released Friday predicts that by 2014, the state will have added only 136,000 jobs in the private sector compared with 2010. The job growth estimate was down 43,000 from the department's previous report released in June.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Scott Walker will eventually have to scale back his predictions. Outfits like the WEDC have a poor track record creating jobs, are unaccountable, and throw tax dollars down a rat hole.
Just last month the non-partisan state Legislative Audit Bureau released a report that raised concerns about the viability of using state tax money to create jobs, which is what WEDC is designed to do. See the report (State Economic Development Programs) at
WEDC is modeled, curiously, on the economic devlopment program in Indiana that had similar results, seen here at

Anonymous said...

With job numbers like these so far, you have to wonder what's wrong with Scott and his job program. It's clearly not working out like he predicted.
Last month the non-partisan state Legislative Audit Bureau released a report that examined the question of using state tax money--money that could be used for other priorities, like helping our public schools--to create jobs. This is what Scott's Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation does. It offers incentives for businesses in the form of a subsidy, with businesses in turn making the promise to create a certain number of jobs. The report concluded that such programs have had questionable results, with money often being spent unaccountably. Make your own conclusion by reading the report ('State Economic Development Programs') at

JOBLESS said...


That is not in his sociopathic DNA. The truth is- he could care less about jobs in Wisconsin. Starting with his denying good jobs through the high speed rail project to creating a massive reduction in revenue and jobs through ACT 10 his goal like all the other Republicons was to defeat Obama knowing that jobs would be the number one factor in the election. It's immoral the way he's denied good jobs paying jobs to the people of Wisconsin.