Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wisconsin Lost More Than 13,000 Jobs In June

More bad economic news on the jobs front: overall decrease of 13,200 total non-farm jobs last month in Wisconsin...
Walker's 250,000 new jobs pledge looks absurd.

And here's some misleading advertising:


Anonymous said...

What happened to the flood of jobs Walker predicted post recall?

RD said...

That is probably the number of out of state democrats and union employees who headed home after the Walker victory.

It is probably best to wait until the correct numbers come out. You guys said for a year we lost jobs, we lost jobs, we lost jobs and then when the real numbers came out... {crickets}

Anonymous said...

You are the only one talking about this. Neither the Dems nor the Republicans have said boo about the loss of jobs. I guess unemployment is only important just before an election.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you go chirp yourself back to tinfoil land.

Wisconsin has lost jobs, maybe not as many as said but a loss is a loss. I'm sure Walker will spin it somehow since he is really good and painting shit gold and telling you its real.