Friday, July 27, 2012

Prosser Recusal Strategy Moving Forward

State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser needs four justices on the seven-member Court to recuse themselves from hearing judicial ethics code complaints filed against him after his confrontation with Justice Ann Walsh Bradley last year, and today we learn he picked up Justice Annette Ziegler's proxy.

With Justice Patience Roggensack already on board, Prosser's four-member righty bloc will fall into line and the case will evaporate.

Since only the Justices can hear such complaints, the recusals end the process.  


You could say the Right has a chokehold on justice in the state, especially on and for the Court, too.


RD said...

Law requires them to recuse themselves if they are a material witness.

Are you suggesting that the SC Justices act outside the ethical rules in place?

JUSTICE said...

It is indeed a helpless feeling that there is no recourse.

Naught TEA Dee said...

Perhaps we could get a Federal Panel of Justices? For Prosser has acted unethically in his treatment of more than one Lady Justice...where are the workplace harrassment protections for them?

RD said...

How about not charging at another justice like you are going to strike them?