Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bain Documentation Is Early October Surprise

Mounting disclosures about Mitt Romney's role at Bain and personal financing are keeping Romney on the defensive before the October surprise predicted in the primaries.

The funny thing is that it was Romney who warned of the October surprise - - if Gingrich were the GOP nominee - - because questions were being raised about Gingrich's federal mortgage agency contracts and fees.

Right fear, wrong candidate.


Cancelling my Convention plans said...

Got it now...

You would think that the Republican party would have vettd these candidates before the primaries but apparently that is not a process in place.

Anyone with money can run and win regardless of secrets that could potentially call the election before the convention.
Will they broker the convention?

Timing is everything Dems -

Reagan's Disciple said...

Yes, God forbid we have a candidate who has actually worked and made a living in the private sector...

The guy we have now is so educated and much better.

Boxer said...

Rayguns, you have a point! No one who ever ran for office before Hovde has ever 'actually worked' or 'made a living in the private sector'!