Monday, July 23, 2012

Ald. Bohl's Bold Two-Step Water Sale Plan

He suggests one negotiation for Milwaukee water with and for Waukesha, one separately including the smaller ccommunities Waukesha wants to serve.

Interesting proposal to get negotiations started, but I don't see Waukesha agreeing. It wants the whole enchilada now, and has the DNR in its corner.

And wants to be a new regional water wholesaler, so I don't see it accepting a piecemeal ptlan while Oak Creek and Racine purportedly are willing to sell Waukesha all the water it wants.

And while lawyers would decide if the Bohl plan would require a second diversion application, give the Milwaukee alderman credit for his initiative.


Water Wars said...

Fine - call their bluff - compare the costs Waukesha.

Anonymous said...

Waukesha wins! Milwaukee is already bending and ready to give.

I expect a surrender once an easy-to -back-out-of worthless MOU is struck with Oak Creek.

Looks like another Walker victory over Tom Barrett.

Anonymous said...

Waukesha Patch is reporting that one deal is for Waukesha and the 2nd deal would be for Waukesha plus the surrounding areas.

Not a separate deal for just the towns.

Let's hope Milwaukee doesn't cave!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:58, you must (or should) feel quite foolish a day later, hmmm?

Waukesha is not going to "win" in this, as it is not up to Milwaukee alone. Really, read up on the Great Lakes Compact and see why Milwaukee is correct that Waukesha's "deal" would not get the required agreement of seven other states and another country. And by then, more time would have passed, putting Waukesha past the federal deadline.

Milwaukee is doing a favor to Waukesha to try to get the latter to come up with a plan in accord with the Great Lakes Compact. Waukesha's obduracy and interminable politicizing of everything will only hurt Waukesha.