Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hovde Proves The Right Loves Its Entitlements

I recently wrote that the right loved its entitlements, regardless of its hypocrisy and political-correctness double standards.

Well, here's more delicious self-parody:

Madison - U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde said he'll drop tobacco subsidies paid by federal taxpayers to his real-estate firm after being contacted about them by reporters.
Hovde, a multimillionaire with real-estate and investment holdings, has sharply attacked farm subsidies going to big businesses as part of a self-funded U.S. Senate bid built around cutting government spending and deficit.

But meanwhile, Hovde's Madison real-estate firm has been collecting about $2,700 a year in subsidies meant for tobacco farmers.

That's not the only area where Hovde Realty Inc. has sought to gain subsidies or tax benefits normally going to farmers. In 2006, the Hovde family's real estate and development firm settled for $22,500 a lawsuit by the city of Madison that charged Hovde Realty with improperly classifying some of its holdings as farmland to lower its property taxes.

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