Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Attack On Voting Based On "Unconscionable Lie"

Eugene Robinson tells it like it is.

The Republican-led crusade for voter ID laws has been revealed as a cynical ploy to disenfranchise as many likely Democratic voters as possible, with poor people and minorities the main targets.
There's your voting fraud - - election theft being planned right out in the open, with a side dish of Citizens United financing - - and Democrats need a coordinated and effective counter-attack defining this as Issue #1 now, or the 2012 elections, with more to come, will leave the far right and its 1% managing partner already propagandizing on the issue more or less permanently in charge.

The 2102 presidential election will be close. The electorate is split down the middle, so every suppressed vote gives the GOP an unconscionable advantage.


RD said...

and every double vote gives the Dems an unconscionable advantage.

JPK said...

I'll compromise on Voter ID, if we move election day to a weekend.

JPK said...

@RD- Please provide evidence of widespread double-voting and proof that all double-voting occurs for Democrats.