Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today's A Good Day To Comment On Falling Lake Michigan Water Level

You can send a written comment to US/Canadian officials at the International Joint Commission - - a body that regulates some Great Lakes matters - - studying how, or whether to remedy the decline in Lake Michigan water levels.

Your comment can touch on any issue you feel is relevant.

Here is the contact information:

Written comments may be submitted to the IJC for receipt by August 31, 2012 from the Upper Great Lakes Public Hearings website or to either address below: 
U. S. Section Secretary Canadian Section Secretary
International Joint Commission
200 L Street NW, Suite 615
Washington, DC 20440
Fax: 202-632-2006
International Joint Commission
234 Laurier Avenue West, 22nd Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 6K6
Fax: 613-993-5583


Anonymous said...

As you correctly pointed out in an earlier post, climate change and global warming are leading to higher evaporation rates which are contributing to the lower lake levels. As long as we continue to use energy and pollute the atmosphere with Carbon Dioxide, any efforts to temporarily keep water in the lakes are all doomed to failure. You would be quite correct to extend the concept of lowering lake levels to the ultimate conclusion that unless we severely restrict our impact on the planet by immediately reducing the human population of the planet to 500 million, by whatever means necessary, that all the water on the face of the earth will evaporate and all life will cease to exist.

This is the very real threat that we face and it is imperative that blog sites such as yours continue to inform the public of this reality so they will understand that when the day comes that we finally have the courage to put the survival of the planet at the highest priority of society and enact that final solution which is becoming more necessary every minute that people will view that ultimate sacrifice that they will be required to make as the highest and most noble act of their lives.

Anonymous said...

You first.

legal stranger said...

Do not forget about the dredging of the St. Clair river as the primary reason for the drop in levels of Lake Michigan. The opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway system has created havoc on the Great Lakes.
Now the Chicago River is going to be the next chapter of humans change on the Great Lakes. And last but not least is Milwaukee Mayor Norquist and Barrett's criminal folly's of the Milwaukee Sewage District. So Anonymous, I am trying to understand your statement of immediately reducing the population to 500 million and the Science to support your statements. YOU FIRST!
and I will remain part of the survival population with the 499,999,999 blondes,brunettes and redheads to continue mother natures scheme.