Friday, December 10, 2010

Reposting List Of Items About Waukesha's Diversion Plan, DNR Response

I'm reposting the list of items on this blog in the last week about a few of the dozens of issues raised in a very significant, detailed written document sent from the Department of Natural Resources to the City of Waukesha about its precedent-setting application for Lake Michigan water under a new state law and eight-state, US/Canadian Great Lakes water management Compact:

I put up these posts - - and I added one at the end, a must-read which I'll explain at the bottom - - to highlight and summarize some sample questions raised preliminarily by the DNR - - it maintains a website about the application - - to illustrate the scope and costs of some probable hurdles the city now knows it faces in its quest for a Lake Michigan water supply, and to offer some commentary and history about Waukesha's water issues. (For further information, use the search index box at the upper left on the blog homepage.)

*  Missed Opportunities: Environmental Groups Have Repeatedly Listed Application's Flaws - -

*  The Stunning Scope Of The DNR's requests of the City - - 

*  Waukesha Did Not Resolve These Issues In The 1980's - -

*  Full Text Of The DNR's Document - - 

*  History And Commentary - - 

*  DNR Addresses Problems With Waukesha's Proposed Larger Service Area - - 

*  DNR Addresses Wastewater Disposal Problems - - 

*  One One Matter, 'Hire An Expert' - - 

*  National Expert Had Listed Flaws In Waukesha's Application - -

*  DNR Addresses Conservation Shortcomings - -

* Where Waukesha Missed The Boat - -

That final one says it all - - it's a list of questions published by environmental groups in January, 2009 that mirror the DNR's concerns.


Anonymous said...

WHat - they weren't mind numbingly boring enough the first time?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Waukesha could use more horses!