Thursday, December 30, 2010

What? Good Economic News While Jim Doyle Is Governor?

With a key jobs indicator showing its strongest gain since George Bush's presidency two-and-a-half years ago??

When Scott Walker claims his tax breaks for businesses and the wealthy are saving the economy, let's not forget when data showed it had begun.


Anonymous said...

With emperor-elect Walker's single-handed plan to save us all from the expenses of maintaining the formerly proposed expanded train service in our state, I am perplexed to no end that he allowed the US government to go ahead with this federal deficit feeding, MIC engedering, ship building project in Marinette, WI., whose costs will eventually spill down on all WI taxpayers in big ways. Think of the maintenance costs for crews, arms and fuel on these monsters after initial construction.

Oh wait, maybe Walker sees these Navy shipbuilding jobs as part of the quarter million jobs he promised to create in WI and can say that they only exist because, "He," allowed the project to proceed. Another jobs project we'll have to watch who takes credit for.

And please don't forget that other great Republican maxim that the government doesn't create jobs, only the private sector does.


Ron r said...

Or maybe Walker realizes that the State government does not have the power to override a federal government contract to a private company. Only liberals believe that state government should be able to dictate what private business do and how they operate.

Anonymous said...

@Ron r, 12 30 2010

"Only liberals believe that state government should be able to dictate what private business do and how they operate."

And you, Ron, would voluntarily be treated at a private medical facility that wasn't held to state imposed health care standards and practices, or would buy a vehicle from a private manufacturer that didn't meet stringent safety standards. Please think at least a little bit before making such ridiculous claims about what, "liberals," might think. I'll bet a lot of people (on the entire political spectrum) think government has a certain place in dictating what private business can do.