Monday, December 27, 2010

GOP's Corporate Agenda Should Make For Easy Pickings in '12

We read that Congressional Republicans want to roll back reforms to food inspection laws, new safeguards in legislation to rein in reckless banking practices that nearly brought down the economy, as well as gutting the new health care law and EPA health air regs, and more - -  all to serve corporate elites that want the freedom to manipulate the marketplace for their own advantages.

Even with something as basic as preventing disease outbreaks from tainted food, rather than just reacting after people get sick and die.

You would think that carrying water for the top one percent of the population would translate into an easy campaign on behalf of the other 99%, but I wonder if Democrats can easily translate this blatant class subservience by the GOP into a winning, populist message.

I am not so sure.


Kryptonite said...

I found an interesting read a short time ago about getting a populist message that works. Basically you can not just have a populist message--even though by itself it is popular--the only way people actually are responsive to the populist message is to have justifiable and concrete alternatives to the oppostion and you must state exactly how you will impliment said message. With that--you have a winner.

So--the Dems just need Obama's primary election speech writer on the case for all 50 states and I think we can take this sucker back!

That Damn "Annie" Person said...

It won't. The more threatened people feel (and they feel worse each year) the more they believe in Trickle Down. Trickle Down is not Reaganomics - it is actually a human reality that is older than dirt.
It's ancient instinctive behavior to suck up to the Top Dog and hope if you ingratiate yourself you'll benefit. People do it from grade school on. Boat-rockers are despised, abusive systems are protected by the abused themselves.
As long as "out there", or life without the crumbs dropped by the Top Dog seems worse, they'll support him. Piss him off and things will go bad for you

In addition you may like Obama I dunno, but after all his defaults on the big emotional promises (end to wars, ending tax breaks to wealthy, his ball-coddling of BP, increased drone usage, extension of Guantanamo rather than ending it as promised etc etc) you think people are likely to trust with that kind of huge enthusiasm again? heck no. Obama seduced America big time and then dropped the ball of romance right on her toes a few times to many. He had a populist movement going there you can't deny that but hey, maybe another Wall Street bailout of flagrantly guilty persons who get no jail time might bring the Little Lady's enthusiasm back huh?