Monday, December 20, 2010

Butler Sacrificed


And I'm telling you right now: comments will be carefully moderated.


Publius said...

Carefully moderate this:

Butler was twice rejected by the voters of Wisconsin.

Obama, ostensibly not caring what the voters of Wisconsin wanted, nominated Butler to stand in judgment of the same voters that didn't find him qualified to stand in judgment of them.

Zach W. said...

Publius, check the records....while Butler was "rejected" by voters throughout the state, he actually won a majority of the vote in the areas of Wisconsin he'd serve as a member of the federal judiciary. Clearly those folks didn't have a problem with Butler, so if we want to respect the will of the voters Butler would be serving, we'd confirm Butler to the judiciary.

James Rowen said...

Good point, Zach. This all has nothing to do with facts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we need another bad liberal judge on the bench. This is just so tragic.