Friday, December 31, 2010

Out With The Bureaucrats! Bring In The Bureaucrats!

There's been a steady drumbeat in the comments on this blog - - see sample here - - and elsewhere as Scott Walker and his crew take over state government about how agency rule-making and other actions by state employees - - "bureaucrats" - - are gonna change for the better, even go away.


What will happen is that Walker's people know and embrace fully is that rule-making will allow them to do what the boss and his backers want done.

We'll just have new rules written and enforced by new people (read: fresh senior bureaucrats, or some who choose to stick around and follow orders) with different goals and probably a fresh set of both happy and unhappy citizens as a result.

This will be akin to the flip-floppy dance underway in DC as the newly-elected Members of Congress who ran against business as usual held big-dollar fundraisers, demanded their health-care perks pronto and hired lobbyists as staffers as soon as they got the plane.

Case in point: Ron Johnson.

Or those elected officials back in Newt Gingrich's era who ran in favor of term limits but wouldn't leave as promised.

The criticisms over exercising power are always situational. It just depends on which side of the equation you're on: in or out?

Similarly, the Right accuses the Left of political correctness, but the Right speaks and acts out of its own politically-correct playbook.

The Right wants government out of people's lives, except when it decides Rightist political correctness demands government meddle actively - - like banning others' same-sex marriages or using public dollars to finance religious (choice) schools.

We'll have plenty of rule-making by the new administration in Madison - - producing rules written, lobbied for and implemented by bureaucrats.

Just more bureaucrats conservative than those they replaced.


xoff said...

I fear you are too optimistic, and the new rules will be written and lobbied for not by bureaucrats but by the special interests and lobbyists themselves. They are the insiders now. Witness DNR appointees.

James Rowen said...

In my mind, Moroney and Gunderson are now bureacrats, too.