Monday, December 20, 2010

Newspaper Agrees: MMAC Stuck It To Talgo

It's water over the dam or under the bridge, but the Journal Sentinel looks at the allegation that the business community abandoned Talgo when the train maker needed political support against the derailers in Walkerstan - - and finds the charge "true."

The paper doesn't really lay the wood to the MMAC; the facts were not really in dispute - - I'd written as much a week ago, but it was MMAC President Tim Sheehy himself who who made the finding pretty much guaranteed when he said, "why beat a dead train."

The implications for the MMAC are far more serious than the finding itself, since "true" for Talgo's claim suggests otherwise and speaks volumes for the MMAC.

Sheehy took a pass on helping save a new business recruited to Milwaukee, and sacrificed jobs in the central city by choosing to protect first his partisan connections with Walker.

Like the WMC in Madison, these business groups are less these days about business representation or Main Street commercial advocacy, and more about insider connections with the big boys in the Republican Party.

Sheehy not only abandoned Talgo and its employment base in train assembly, he left by his own count half the MMAC members out in the cold, too.

If you're willing to stick it to 50% of your members, then why not go all the way to full disclosure and rename the group MMAC-GOP?

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