Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Plale, Decker In Historic Sell Out Of Democratic Party, Labor

Remember when Russ Decker and Jeff Plale killed the energy and jobs bill this year because big business didn't like it?

We'll, these fake Democrats are back at it.

Add their defection on the labor contracts to Walker's wipe out of the train and the Talgo plant, and you've got all the motivation that real Democrats need to come back after the 2010 elections.

Beginning with winning the Milwaukee County Executive's office.

And by the way, let's keep an eye on where these gentlemen land after they leave the legislature, following their defeats.


Anon Jim said...

Doyle, the Democratic controlled legislature, and the Unions had well over 18 months to get this sweetheart contract agreed to.

But your Democratic polititcians did not have the integrity or honesty to attempt to complete the deal until after the election, fearing it would hurt them once it became public.

It was your "real Democrats" that screwed this up Rowen and gee whiz Skipper, I wonder why so many of them were booted out of office?

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that real Democrats run for public office in 2012, it would be a refreshing change from the pseudo conservative/moderate facade they usually put on.

And it would ensure increasing the existing margins in the legislatures and flip control of the U.S. Senate.

Keep up the good work James!

James Rowen said...

Everybody's a comedian.

Anon Jim said...

But seriously Rowen after you and your liberal Democratic pals worked so hard to knock Jeff Plale out of office, how exactly did you expect him to respond other than sticking it to you at the first opportunity?

James Rowen said...

Anon Jim; To me?

If you are channeling Plale, you deserve each other.

Boxer said...

Russ Decker was a lobbyist for Peterson Builders, a road-building outfit, WHILE he was a state legislator. My guess is that Governor Scooter leaned on Peterson to lean on Decker.

It's not unheard of for legislators to vote against their own party. But for Decker, a union guy before he was a legislator, to trick his party into thinking they had his vote and then go the other way at the last minute, it's unconscionable.

You could say he sold his soul to the Devil Walker, but that would be assuming he had one to sell.

Per your earlier post, James, just let's watch where these 2 end up. Decker to Peterson, for sure. Plale to Wisconsin Right-to-Life? Or Nuclear Wisconsin?