Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can Walker Promise Confidentiality For Tips About Fiscal Waste/Fraud/Abuse?

I don't see how this is legal under the Wisconsin Open Records statute.

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Anonymous said...

a skilled group of dedicated persons could spam the hell out of that thing, not just with quantity but also "quality" i.e. leave tips that seem plausible but are not real at all. if they want to waste time researching and verifying bogus conspiracy theories, then let them waste time. Might even qualify as "job creation" to employ people look into this crapola.

having said that, and based on past events, you can pretty much count on too many Democrats who might attempt this to shoot themselves in the foot, being oblivious to what kinds of Internet calling cards they leave (for example let's just say there's a guy who got in trouble for blogging from the job who still leaves comments during work hours that show up in stats as originating from the WI Department of Administration.)
Rocket scientists, you know.
Too bad Anonymous over on 4chan doesn't give a shit about Scott Walker :(
This idea of his is just stupid and noobish