Wednesday, December 15, 2010

UWM County Grounds Plan, Preservationists' Goals, Appear To Move Forward

Tom Daykin is reporting that a financing contingency in the UWM land purchase deal on the County Grounds has been waived by the buyers, meaning they have confidence in their ability to fund the site acquisition and creation eventually for a business center and new engineering school there

Preservationists who carved out land near the project site to protect habitat and open space are also working on their plan.

It amazes me that the private sector in this town is forever talking about the need for leadership and jobs and innovation - - a water cluster here, a business park there - - and pushing for all sorts of government intervention while financing purportedly small-government candidates, but has been struggling to get this project off the ground, or into the ground, if you will, because of a shortfall of private contributions.

We'll see if it all comes to pass, and whether the site in Wauwatosa, surrounded by the soon-to-be-ripped up Zoo Interchange and separated from the main UWM campus on the Milwaukee East side, is a boon or or boondoggle.

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