Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bice Reveals Probe Into Walker Staff Activities

This is today's must-read disclosure by the Journal Sentinel's "No Quarter" investigative reporter about a two-pronged investigation into Scott Walker county staffers and financial matters. A John Doe probe is involved and top-shelf attorneys have been retained.

Three  initial observations:

1. If Scott Walker distanced himself from a campaign blogger who posted material on the campaign's website that made the candidate look silly, and has a pattern of evading responsibility for other events on his official watch, look for the Walker operation to encase the Gov.-elect in Teflon as things move forward.

2. Given the presence of attorneys, I guess we now know where the excess revenue from the inaugural parties is going.

3. If this were happening to a Democrat, AM talk radio would be investing in new towers and satellites to carry their 24/7 amped-up coverage.  Oh, the humanity...


Xena, warrior princess said...

Hiring Maistelman probably means that Tim Russell is not interested in falling on his sword for Walker. I always wondered what happened to that confiscated computer story during the campaign. I hope this doesn't get ugly. It would be a shame to find out our Governor-elect was corrupt.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Xena- What do you mean "find out"? This implies you didn't know it already.

Scott Walker's short tenure will make Jim Doyle look like a paragon of virtue, and that's no easy task.