Monday, December 27, 2010

If Jensen Walks, Chvala Should Be Pardoned, Argues Dave Zweifel

Interesting idea.

(Though Walker could pardon Jensen and wipe out his misdemeanor conviction.)

Cue the Right's indignation...


Anonymous said...

Playing pay for play with lobbyists should be pardoned?

How about if Jensen just gets the same treatment as Shirley Krug and Tom Loftus?

Political Males R Idiots said...

That's not logical at all, unless your brain is saturated with partisanism and your whole perceptual life is wrapped up in Us and Them, which you know, described 99% of the little boys we call our political men, so yeah...
But if you get out of the rat-cage of Red-Blue Think, this is nonsense. If justice is flawed, then No-Justice-At-All is SO much better.
If one rapist gets a light sentence or walks, open the doors, give them all a pass and keys to some hot mamas apartments. Murderers? Each case and conviction must be perfect or they all are freed. With weapons, a flask, and a 50 dollar bill

Doyle (or anyone in a leadership position) should not throw more dung onto this already stinky pile.