Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fox News (sic) Again Caught Slanting Its 'News'

Pretty serious stuff being revealed by Media Matters about Fox - - this time showing the deliberate slant on climate change away from science.

And please don't talk to me about so-called mainstream media doing the same thing.

I worked at The Milwaukee Journal and Journal Sentinel for 13 years and never got a memo like the one revealed by Media Matters.

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Publius said...

Asking your news staff to be skeptical of advocacy groups who have an agenda (and who had - at the time of the writing of the memo - just been accused of doctoring data) is now "deliberate slant"?


This isn't serious stuff. This is Media Matters blowing a non issue our of proportion. And you bought it.

Let's try it another way... the worldwide consensus was that Iraq had WMD. The countries of Europe that had reputable intelligence services thought so. US Intelligence thought so. Russia thought so. China thought so. Iran thought so. And Saddam Hussein even said so.

But I fail to find any reference to deference given by Media Matters to that which the vast majority of experts had "accept[ed] the trend as fact."

You're better than this amateur regurgitation, Rowen.