Monday, December 27, 2010

Walker's DNR Secretary Could Be This Business/Municipal Attorney

John Behling, I hear.

Update: Another possibility steps up.


Zach W. said...

Putting a fox in the surprise.

Steve Branca said...

A true lightweight. Must have raised a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm!! An expert in energy,lobbying,regulatory issues, depts. of commerce.big business. Yup,,the animals and fishes ought to be real happy!

The Recess Supervisor said...

Hmmm... you really think that Walker's going to put a guy in charge of DNR who lobbies for ethanol on behalf of clients like Western Wisconsin Energy Corporation? That'd be a giant stick in the eye to his lunatic base in southeast Wisconsin.

Steve, John's actually a really bright guy. He's certainly more qualified to run the DNR than Matt Frank was when he took over. Of course, Jim Doyle thought that anyone who worked with him at DOJ was eminently qualified to run anything on the planet.

I'll put my two dollars on Cathy Stepp. She was a total train wreck when she served on JCRAR, and routinely showed either no knowledge or interest in the administrative rulemaking process. That doesn't bode well for an agency that perhaps generates more rules as a result of legislative action than any other agency. But she's totally loaded and the sheep who listen to Sykes think the woman actually has some talent. If only they'd seen her work up close.

Yeah, it's totally effing crazy. Just crazy enough to appeal to Walker. Who better to push Walker's goal of "regulatory reform" at DNR than a woman who doesn't understand the need or purpose of the regulations in the first place? And Stepp understands a great deal about forests and lakes. Forests are the things she knocks over to build houses, and the lakes are the things she and her friends drop their party docks in at their summer homes.