Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Billboard Features Walker-The-Jobs'-Killer

A few weeks ago, the Democratic Party put up this billboard on I-94 as Scott Walker moved to kill the federally-funded Midwest High Speed train link between Milwaukee and Madison.

The Dems put up a second billboard, bringing the issue up-to-date, below.

The Journal Sentinel disagrees with the Dems' math, but years of rail line construction, operation, maintenance, and assembly jobs at the Talgo, Inc. plant in Milwaukee - - in a rebuilt industrial complex, for a budding national industry - - are definitely going away.



Anonymous said...

Gardner Denver, Inc, JL French Automotive Casting, Polar Ware Company, Roundys, Bremner Foods, Bluegreen Corp., John Wick Homes Division, Merkle-Korff, Regal Beliot Electric Motors, Van Der Molen Recreational Products--these are just a few of the very long list of companies no longer doing business in Wisconsin. Where was Doyle? Where were you Democrats? How you have a billboard? What silly children you are.


James Rowen said...

Which of these business did Doyle personally and for political reasons eliminate?

James Rowen said...

"businesses." Sorry

Anonymous said...

First of all. My speling is terrible. No need to appologize.

My point is this. To me it seems that you are only interested in Talgo to make some political points about Walker. Far too many companies have left Wisconsin over the past sevearl years, and I think the some might be reasonable to suggest that policies like combined reporting, not to mention Doyle's decision to give a no-bid contract to the racist Talgo company while another train manufacturer in milwaukee declined into financial chaos, demonstrate that the Doyle administration along with the rest of the left were not doing all they could to keep jobs here.

While eliminating the train was an obvious political winner for Walker, it was so because nobody believes the inflated hype and fantastic projections about costs. People are frightened about the gigantic budget deficit and know enough about the history of government to know that their projects are alwys hugely more expensive than they tell the public to begin with. Could it just be that he thinks the project is wasteful--or at best an ill-timed gamble?

Meanwhile, you can still ride Badger Bus from milwaukee to madison for about 9 bucks.


James Rowen said...

My point is that Walker is driving Talgo out while claiming to be a jobs-creator. It's too contradictory.

And you must not have taken the Badger Bus to Madison lately. It's $17.50 each way.

Anon Jim said...

Doyle killed the existing, real, and predominantly minority jobs at Supersteel.

Where was/is your outrage at that Rowen?

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim; You are at best distorting the situation.