Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chris Abele Is In The Race For Milwaukee County Exec: Full Text

Dear Friend-

If you're like me, you look at Milwaukee County today and you know we must do better. 
We need to fix the County's fiscal crisis with real reform, and stop the runaway debt and bloated budgets.

We must protect critical County services and progressive values that for years have been neglected -- like transit, mental health services, and support for our parks.

Instead of doing nothing, or worse, getting in the way, the County needs to actually partner with the private sector to help create jobs.

And we must do all of this while keeping taxes low.
This is a tall order, which is exactly why we don't need the status quo offering more of the same. Now is the time for an honest voice for bold reform, and this is why I'm running to be your next County Executive.  

I'm not a politician, and I'm not an extreme partisan. I've started businesses and created jobs. I've managed budgets and been accountable for results.  I've worked hard with civic leaders, like the Boys and Girls Clubs, to strengthen our community. And I have fought for our shared progressive values without being an ideologue. 

The challenges facing Milwaukee County are severe. We need new ideas and innovative solutions, not business-as-usual that will make our problems worse. Can I list you as a supporter, and will you help our campaign today with a contribution of $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can donate?

I love Milwaukee County. I'm proud to call this community home and wouldn't live anywhere else. I'm running for County Executive because we need real reform and new ideas to move this County forward. I'd be honored to have your support.

Thank you,

Chris Abele

PS: Won't you support my campaign for Milwaukee County Executive today with a contribution of $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can give to help me bring real reform and leadership to Milwaukee County?

Paid for by Abele for Milwaukee County Executive, Jeff Peelen, Treasurer.

PO Box 1213


John said...

What a weird way to announce you are running for County Exec.

capper said...

I got the same email and felt rather insulted. How dare a multimillionaire who wants to destroy Milwaukee County and take away my job go asking for contributions! Didn't care for him much before. It's even less now.

Clementine said...

Capper, I'm genuinely confused. How does Abele want to destroy Mke County and take away your job? And why don't you like him? He's a good liberal, right?

capper said...

I have no idea what his political ideology is, but he has teamed up with Shel Lubar whose main agenda is to destroy the county government, even though that would reduce services AND raise taxes. Abele seems to be in agreement with that plan.

Anonymous said...

Abele was vice-chairman of the group Lubar put together that put together the plan to do away with the County. Suffice to say, he and Lubar agree on this issue.

Anonymous said...

In the last 15 years Abele has given time and resources to the arts, education, social and youth services, planned parenthood, ACLU, boys and girls clubs, and about a bajillion other things. He's good friends with Sue Black, parks director at county and about the most talented person there, has helped countless dems get elected (including Jim Sullivan, twice). Why, exactly, is it a bad thing that he wants to run for county exec? The guy obviously doesn't need the job, clearly loves the city. Would anyone actually prefer Holloway, Sullivan (I get that he needs a job now that he got hammered by Leah Vukmir about a month ago), or Stone?

capper said...

What is so great about a guy whose only campaign statement so far is that he is rich? He served on a committee under Shel Lubar who thought the best thing in the world would be to destroy the county and raise our taxes for less services. How is that a good thing? We need someone who wants to lead the county, not finish Scott Walker's work for him.

Leah said...

Planned Parenthood board member. Sounds like a great county exec to me..... NOT!

ChgingTmz2011 said...

The bottomline is that Abele lacks experience and therefore not qualified to do the job.

Also, I very much question Abele's commitment to public service versus a pursuit of egocentric endeavor.